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A remote-only jobs newsletter using NextJS and AWS SES

I decided to start a newsletter a couple of weeks ago and while I never expected a high number of subscribers, I still wanted to avoid unnecessary costs, so I built it from scratch.

Here's the stack for anyone interested (most are free, open source or with a generous free tier plan)

  • NextJS
  • Vercel (these guys are amazing for small to medium project hosting, as I'm sure many of you already know)
  • mjml (email-ready HTML is a pain without it)
  • FaunaDB (generous free tier plan, friendly UI)
  • AWS SES (it's hard to beat their $0.1 for 1K emails, first 62K free)

About the newsletter:

I feel like most of the job postings out there are generic and missing lots of important info:

  • tools & processes (i.e. questions)
  • salary (at least a range)
  • how long has the position been open
  • how many candidates applied (at least an estimate)
  • detailed tech stacks
  • coworkers expertise and company culture is an effort to improve that.

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