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Introducing provides a set of 4 HTML email templates that can be quickly used in just a couple of lines of code.

All templates are:
✅ Responsive
✅ Customizable (colors, text, icons)
✅ Tested on all major email clients
✅ Ready for production

I built this because many times I just wanted to send a simple, but good looking, transactional email without having to pollute my workspace with .html files or rely on hosted third parties.

This is all you need:

const Stencil = require('@radval/stencil')

const stencil = new Stencil('transactional')
const html = stencil.render({
    heading: 'Welcome, Jane! 🎉',
    message: 'We’ve heard you like emails!',
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Check out the repo for examples and the list of customizable features.

Hope it helps someone out there!

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