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Discussion on: Your website sucks! And I'll tell you why ⚡️

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Valentin Radu • Edited

Awesome site and awesome content. I've spotted 2 very small things if I may:

  1. The icon in the cart button is a bit off: it doesn't have enough padding and it touches the margins of the button. Also I think a bit too detailed for the otherwise super minimalist style <3
  2. The hover effect feels like loading and creates a bit of unrest (at least in my case, loading bars make me get into waiting mode, and it shouldn't be the case :) )
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Twan Mulder Author

Great feedback!

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Valentin Radu

Thanks! Yours too! I learned a couple of things in this thread!
Also, cool idea, I didn't thought roasting could be so much fun, effective and productive.