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Your website sucks! And I'll tell you why ⚡️

toktoktwan profile image Twan Mulder ・1 min read

I had some great success critiquing/roasting your websites on Twitter, and I'd love to help tell you why your website sucks

As a CRO Consultant, I have a lot of experience in improving our client's products.

So show me your website, and I'll give you at least one point to improve!



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Well, there are 2 things I can do here.

The first is to give a long rant about how there are so many issues on this page regarding performance, accessibility, SEO, network bandwidth, user experience, etc.

However, the thing to keep in mind is that the web is also supposed to be fun. Sara Vieira talks a lot about this and it's something I love to see in your website Ben. Thank you for putting a smile on my face 😄



I'm no expert, but I think it could use some more GIFs 😂


This is amazing 😂 Reminds me of the first few websites I built back in the 90s...but mine had far more "under construction" gifs 🚧 which was very important at the time 😏


I lovvvvvvvvvvvve it ... was it built with love? :-)


Wow, this is a really neat and concise website. I'm having trouble trying to find things to hate on, but I do have 2 suggestions:

1 jQuery

You're currently using an outdated version of jQuery. Be sure to keep this updated to make sure you get the best in terms of security features.

2 Current date

Your site is a breeze to use, but a cool feature (in my eyes) would be to highlight the image that matches with the current date. Maybe some kind of tooltip or border styling that emphasizes it


Thanks! This is nice to get critical feedback as mostly I only hear back from friends/family who aren't involved in ux/ui/dev/design.


Awesome site and awesome content. I've spotted 2 very small things if I may:

  1. The icon in the cart button is a bit off: it doesn't have enough padding and it touches the margins of the button. Also I think a bit too detailed for the otherwise super minimalist style <3
  2. The hover effect feels like loading and creates a bit of unrest (at least in my case, loading bars make me get into waiting mode, and it shouldn't be the case :) )

Thanks! Yours too! I learned a couple of things in this thread!
Also, cool idea, I didn't thought roasting could be so much fun, effective and productive.


What. A. Great. Site.

It's brilliant.


I haven't posted on dev.to yet, so this is my first time interacting here.

During this pandemic, I'm working on embarking on my journey as an author, so I may appear more often as well as my blog. My focus is on bringing deep technical design and development issues and solutions into the hands of other creatives.

I think that I have covered all my bases, in terms of functional and critical issues, but I'm curious if you can spot any and maybe provide creative feedback on my website.

This website expanded from a portfolio that I used to showcase projects into a place for centralizing my internet presence. I used React, Storybook, ThreeJS, Popmotion, and Firebase to build this and Figma to design.

Site preview

Personal Website | Design Components | Github Repo


Starting of, this is a beautiful website. I can see you put a lot of attention to detail in every single corner of the pages. Everything looks great from animations to accessibility. There are two minor things that I think will improve the usability/experience of your website.

1 Navigation

The vertical navigation looks great, but my experience tells me that there's a reduced change of people using it accordingly when it doesn't meet their expectations. I'd recommend for it to be placed horizontally on top of the page.

2 A personal touch

At the bottom of your page, you tell a little bit about yourself as a person. Something very important to do. I think this section could be greatly improved and add a little more personal connection by using a (professional) image of yourself.

Besides these small points, a great website! I'd love to see more of your articles on your own website 😄


Thank you.

I wasn't sure how casual/professional my profile should be on there, but the feedback helps.

Maybe I'll get some shots taken once my city clears through the pandemic.

Great to hear! You can always make some yourself using your phone camera and setting up some lights around the house 😄 All the best in your career!



I'm aware of the wrong image sizes and more on the other pages than the main one.
I did a few lighthouse report and noticed i need to work on accessibility:


But if you got some other feedback I'd be glad to hear it:


Cool portfolio. The photography looks great! As you may already know, the file size of the images you're using is HUUUUGE. I'd definitely recommend compressing these. This will especially impact mobile users.

The other thing I noticed is that your contact form currently isn't working:


Oh thanks for the captcha! will fix it asap!

Yeah I have already compressed and resized homepage images but still need to do the background and other pages so it loads very fast too haha.


Hey Cyd! Really cool to see that you've worked for Pon. I currently do a lot of their CRO work, especially regarding the Volkswagen group. First up:

1 Case studies

case studies

You have some great case studies on your website which show some beautiful visuals, but what I'm currently missing is some more in-depth knowledge about how the project came to be, what steps you took to get to the end product, and maybe some next steps regarding the case. This would be a great way to clients a little more of your way of working and what they can expect of the process that is working with you.

2 Scroll Hijacking


A lot has already been said about scroll hijacking, and unless absolutely necessary, I would avoid using it on your website. There's an article I like that goes a little more into detail about it. Article here


Haha yes, but smooth scrolling just looks so much nicer😅
Thanks for the feedback Twan, maybe I'll see you at Pon sometime :)


All in all a very solid page! I noticed a few things:

1 Chat & Privacy

A small usability bug. It seems like your chat functionality and reCaptcha Privacy are overlapping. Should be a simple fix, especially when this devalues the professional look of the website.

2 The team
person smiling

I could be wrong, and please correct me if I am, but there's a person in your team who's role is "Hitler". Now as we know, Hitler isn't a name that a company would want to be associated with. So I'd suggest removing this ASAP.

3 Lighthouse
Lighthouse report

last but not least is the Lighthouse report. There are a lot of things blocking the performance of the website. WordPress is really cool, but you're loading a ton of external scripts which will also run on the main thread of the user. Think about simplifying some of your features that are now externally loaded.

4 Testimonial Carousel

Currently, on the homepage, the testimonial carousel doesn't have any indication that the items are clickable. No hover state / arrows / etc. Testimonials are important to new clients and getting them to see more of them always works in your favor.


If you're going to hide one person's name because of its association, you should probably hide everyone's.

It isn't their name, it's their role. I can't imagine any good reason to have someone working in your team with the role of Hitler.

Gotcha. I couldn't find that page when I looked at the site so I was making some sort of deliciously rash assumption.


Would love to hear your thoughts: designlabsco.com


Thanks for sharing Alex! All in all, a very solid website.


Something I'd check is the Lighthouse scores that you can generate from the Chrome Dev Tools. Go check out their tips on improving your performance (by, for example, compressing your images) to upgrading your accessibility (by, for example, adding discernible names to your anchor tags)


Thanks for sharing Sara! This site looks great! A lot of attention to detail and all the information provided to the user is beautifully visualized.


One thing I noticed is an inconsistency in the button styling currently on the website. It seems like the white CTAs look like they are "raising" when a user hovers on them, while the green one actually "descends/lowers". A small tweak in my eyes.

Besides that, a great example of a SaaS company. I especially like the CTA changing on the homepage hero changing its action based on if the user is on mobile or desktop 😄


Thank you so much, Twan! Really appreciate it :)


Thanks for sharing Ghazi! Really cool page, especially the blog.


One point of improvement I noticed, is that on a blog post, all the share functionalities overlap the main content if the viewport is between 769px - 1218px.


Thanks Twan, for giving your time to review my website. I'll fix this :)


Thanks for sharing your website, Jethro! All in all, it looks very clean.

Something I noticed though, is that you're currently showing all your blog posts on the homepage and also on the "posts" page. Currently, the "posts" page doesn't add any extra features or functionality to the user. Think about showing less (maybe 3) posts on your homepage, or completely remove the "posts" page if you want to show all posts on the homepage



Very true, thanks for looking at it will address that. :)


Thanks for sharing your website!

The thing that I noticed first, is that you're hiding your footer on the homepage of your website. Currently, there's no way of knowing or any incentive for the user to scroll on your homepage. You footer, however, does enable some important functionality of the page. Think about making it more visible, or incentivizing the user to scroll.



Thank you for the feedback

I will update the page


I'm ready, this is not my final website version but for waiting the next.

🎈 Thomasbnt.fr


Thanks for sharing your website Thomas!

I can't say a lot about the purpose and content of the webpage because it is in French, so I'll talk a little about the design.


More than half of the page is currently filled with, if I say this correctly, a random image pulled from Unsplash. Why is this? Does this image add any value in terms of information or presentational value? If this isn't the case, I'd think about removing it and using this space to better present the copy that you're showing. Maybe add some more breathing space between the sections and centre the content.


Oh yeah, I tell you for the random 📸 from Unsplash, because I really like this website and it is part of my daily visit like on DEV. 😁

For the concent, I've already thought of centering everything but leaving it on the right because I thought it was classic.


Thanks for the offer!

Here's my super lightweight vanilla php and css website: l3m.in


I world love some feedback on my portfolio mhouge.dk, since I am planning on reworking it in the near future 😀


Your site looks pretty good! Here are a few points I noticed:

1 The email contact

Currently, the text-link for your email opens itself in the email client of the user. Usually, a user prefers to have the email copied to their clipboard and pasting it in their own email client. There are some JS scripts/functions you can find online that do this.

2 Portfolio cases

Three cases to show off is a great number, however, you currently only have 1 case study on your own page worked out for this. I would advise creating case studies for all the cases on your own site or move them all to Behance. Having them on your own site would improve SEO if done correctly, and will improve the chances of people finding your page.

3 Lighthouse report

Running a Lighthouse report shows a few little things you can work on. For example, be sure to give every anchor tag a discernible name. Besides that, be sure to use

font-display: swap;

when loading custom fonts using CSS. Read more about that here


Cool idea.! I'm looking into revamping my portfolio site and fixing issues, so I'm open to suggestions. Can't wait to hear your thoughts. Cheers!



Cool website to show off your work and writing! Couple of things I noticed:

1 Work carousel

You're currently using a carousel on your homepage to show off your work. However, there's currently no other way to navigate it except the "dots" at the bottom. Think of adding a sliding feature or make the cases clickable.

2 email

Currently, the text-link for your email opens itself in the email client of the user. Usually, a user prefers to have the email copied to their clipboard and pasting it in their own email client. There are some JS scripts/functions you can find online that do this.


Awesome, thanks for the suggestions!


Thanks for sharing your website! 2 Thing I noticed:

1 About


An about section is a great place to tell and show a little more of yourself and your personality. A small, but great addition, would be to add a (professional) image of yourself! Just a little personal touch which will bring a more human connection to your website.

2 Youtube


Make sure that whenever you send a user to another page that isn't your website and there isn't an incentive on that new page to go back to your website, to open it in a new tab. This ensures that the user can take its time on the other website/platform and (maybe) return to your website when finished.


Thanks for sharing your website 😄 2 things I noticed:

1 homepage icons


Your blog icon currently doesn't have a discernible icon

2 Blog style


Your blog looks very cool, but it isn't very original. It matches almost 100% with Dan Abramov's blog called "Overreacted". It's a theme from Gatsby if I remember correctly, nothing wrong with that, but it would be nice to add your own touches to it.

Thanks for sharing and good luck!


my portfolio -> jaid.tech
and my blog -> blogs.jaid.tech


Here is my site I am not in web development but I am trying to improve.



It would be great to have some feedback on my society website: go2scale.io
I'm impatient to hear what is your feeling about this website.
Thanks mate ! :D