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Learn Version Control with Git and GitHub: Part 2

We’re back to wrap up the Git-It workshop, and it’s going to be awesome! If you haven't seen part one, circle back and watch it now.

What You’ll Learn in this Video 🎓

  • ⚡ How to connect a Git remote
  • ⚡ How to push changes to a remote
  • ⚡ How to fork a project
  • ⚡ How branches work
  • ⚡ How add collaborators on your GitHub project
  • ⚡ How to make a pull request (This is how you contribute to open source projects.)
  • ⚡ How to merge and clean up old branches

Resources 🧰

Ask any questions you have here (👇), in the YouTube comments or to me directly on Twitter. Now, get out there and start protecting your code!

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