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Draw Entity-Relationship Diagrams (ER)


A free, simple tool to draw ER diagrams by just writing code.
Designed for developers and data analysts.

  • Online
  • It may import from MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLServer and Rails(schema.rb)
  • Enjoy the Efficiency of Writing Code: You type and an ER diagram appears. Your fingers never need to leave your keyboard.
  • Generate SQL statements: Directly generate SQL statements to create your database tables.
  • Export to Images and PDFs: Create beautiful PDFs of your ER diagram to circulate internally. Who says ERDs are so difficult to create?
  • One Click Sharing Share your diagrams online with your colleagues and customers with just one click.
  • Integrate with your SQL Databases: Quickly generate your diagrams from SQL dump files.
  • Integrate with Popular Web Frameworks: Or if you use popular web frameworks like Rails or Django, simply upload your schema.rb or file!

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