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Awesome FrontendMasters course resources

I used my GitHub Student Developer Pack to redeem FrontendMasters' 6-month membership. I fell in love with the quality of their courses and all of them are created by top-notch professionals around the globe. Beautifully designed course material (documentation, code, and slides) is the cherry on top.

I learned Reactjs, Nextjs, SVG Animations, and React-Native from FrontendMasters courses, and I always refer to the course documentation instead of official documentation whenever needed. One day when I got stuck with how to do dynamic routing in nextjs, I referred to the course documentation of Intro to Nextjs course by Scott Moss and got the answer in just a couple of seconds.

There is no need to go through the course videos if you are comfortable with reading the documentation. Although the courses are paid, you can refer to the course material (documentation, slides, and code) for free.

My membership is about to expire so I collected all the course resources and created an awesome list to help developers like me to get access to these gems.

Introduction to Next.js

Material: Introduction to Next.js
Repository: nextjs-course-app
Instructor: Scott Moss

Getting The Front End Job

Material: Getting The Front End Job
Repository: hot-to-get-front-end-job
Instructor: Jerome Hardaway

Introduction to Vue.js

Material: Introduction to Vue.js
Repository: intro-to-vue
Instructor: Sarah Drasner

Introduction to Svelte

Material: Introduction to Svelte
Repository: svelte-workshop
Instructor: Rich Harris

Angular 9 Fundamentals

Material: Angular 9 Fundamentals
Repository: angular9-fundamentals-workshop
Instructor: One Hungry Mind

React Native: Building mobile applications

Material: React Native: Building mobile applications
Repository: react-native-v2
Instructor: Kadi Kraman

Practical Guide to Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras

Material: Practical Guide to Deep Learning with TensorFlow 2.0 and Keras
Repository: practicalDL
Instructor: Vadim Karpusenko

Advanced GraphQL

Material: Advanced GraphQL
Repository: advanced-gql-v2
Instructor: Scott Moss

Full Stack for Front-End Engineers

Material: Full Stack for Front-End Engineers
Repository: Full-Stack-For-Frontend
Instructor: Jem Young

Visual Studio Code Can Do That?

Material: Visual Studio Code Can Do That?
Repository: workshop-vs-code-can-do-that
Instructor: Burke Holland

There are 75+ such course resources in this list and it's not a good idea to make this article big.

You can find the list of all courses materials in the below awesome-frontendmasters list on GitHub

GitHub logo rahuldkjain / awesome-frontendmasters

📚 List of awesome frontendmasters course resources

I hope you find the list useful and please do share with your developer friends.

Happy Coding!

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Wow, great idea. Thank you :)

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Rahul Jain

Thanks ✌️