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Liz Gravat
Liz Gravat

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Show & Tell: Show off your DE

Desktop environments have become a standard for people who use Linux every day. Heck, I even use a DE on my VPS sometimes. Thing is, everyone has their own favorite setup, so come show off yours! I personally use Plasma, both on my laptop and my Linux phone, and will be including a screenshot of my laptop's setup along with this post. Can't wait to see what setup you guys use!

My Desktop:

And of course, my neofetch

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Natalie Martin

Here is the setup to my second small screen, designed to look like Windows 95! (The desktop icons do nothing, they're just there to add to the windows look). I'm using i3 for my window manager, so for the most part I can't see my background and apps run in a fullscreen grid outside of the little status bar on the top.

Arch Linux + i3 Desktop