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React JS How/where to Start ? : Best Way to learn React

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I want to share my experience as I coded my way from being a noob to an intermediate developer.
when we learn programming its all about docs(documentation) and practice.
Its like building our muscle memory to retain most of the syntax and understand the concepts pretty well by practicing and finding divergent use case scenarios where the concept can fit.
I personally love the environment where we can understand the concepts of programming paradigm and practice it there itself i.e. in an interactive environment.
Although React in itself is a small library. Its weight is more over carried by npm packages.
Now, moving over to the resources-

First of all to simplify how react works i would suggest a small course which will make you think how amazing a library can be.
This two-and-half hour course would clear your concepts how react works on the foreground.

It's a beginner friendly guide.

Next to make our learning process more interactive this platform offers us an amazing interaction where you can just pause the video and start writing code.

This four-hour free react course lets you play around while understanding concepts and makes you practice on the go.

It offers various other free/paid courses you can check-out.

Now moving on to one of the most insanely recommended course you can find on the internet on react is Epic-react by Kent C. Dodds.
It clears your fundamentals from basic level.
Moreover, the course is designed as a gameplay where different emoji's are used to communicate while practicing and the interface of the course is amazing.

Being an Indian how can i not recommend you the course offered by one of my all time favorite mentor - "Hitesh Choudhary"
I would like to say his course is worth every penny spent and if you are getting a course for as low as $3 with more than 7 projects deployment and also ISO certification what else you need. Here you can post your doubts and get it solved quickly. Moreover Hitesh sir provides a free JavaScript course where he has covered more of the ES6 concepts and in a much simplified way. You should check out his courses once.

Here is one last resource that i would like to share and is absolutely free and interactive. offers free courses and gives you an assignment where you have to code five projects by following the instructions provided in order to get yourself certified for free.

And on the side note i ain't providing any affiliate links just sharing my journey and how i was able to learn React efficiently.

All these resources helped me become a better React JS developer.

Hope you like it.

Do comment if you find it helpful.

Some quick Points to keep in mind while learning -

1.)Focus more on understanding the concept.
2.)Practice Practice Practice.
3.)Code on the go.
4.)Documentation is the key.
5.)Patience is the most essential mantra.
6.)Debugging is a part of learning.

Finally, i would like to conclude by saying most of the aspiring learners fall in a trap of courses as there are plethora of resources available on internet these days.
To be precise it is called "TUTORIAL HELL".
To avoid this focus on the concept and find more use-case scenarios where the concepts can be applied and work around your way by writing more and more code.

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