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Pegasus - A web based REST Client built with MongoDB Atlas

Overview of My Submission

Pegasus is a web REST application built specifically for testers and developers to have a holistic view of what changes are breaking the Front End Code. Most of the time Backend changes key pairs which causes app crash. Pegasus is specifically designed to solve problems such as :

  • Code Break due to key changes in API.
  • Check specific key updates with line highlighting.
  • Get Realtime updates to your desktop if any API construct has changed.
  • In-App notifications.
  • Hyper runners to run project specific APIs after new builds.

Features 💡

  • Compare Response Feature - Compare responses of the same API once response structure changes
  • Add or remove API Endpoints - Add and remove API endpoints from EndPoints tab
  • Search Endpoints - Search through your API Endpoints with Smart Search
  • Sign In Feature - Sign In to save all your api
  • Notification Switch - Switch On/Off Notifications
  • Generate Code - Generate Code from your API constructs
  • More Personalised Settings - More Personalised Settings Feature
  • IndexDB Support - Localised data now saved in IndexDB for more storage

Link to GitHub:



Submission Category:

This product is not for a specific themes as listed but I wanted to make this to solve a specific problem on the development and for the testers. Whenever there are any breaking changes in the API comes developers and testers are not aware of its impact so this product helps to assess as well make the team aware of any breaking changes in the app due to API changes.

Link to Code

Additional Resources / Info

Screenshot of the dashboard:

Screenshot of the dashboard

Built with 🔧

  • ReactJS - Front-end
  • Database - MongoDB Atlas
  • NodeJS - Backend Service
  • Socket.IO - Real Time Communication

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@rajdeepc maybe you should have used redux toolkit as it comes with redux thunk by default and it has many advantages as well