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Git Cheat Sheet – A Collection of the Personal Git Cmds

Git cheat sheet Opensource contribution

Note: Please correct post if you find mistakes.

//your repository

$ git clone

//if you are cloning a forked repository of someone

// add upstream/parent/original repository as upstream repository

$ git remote add upstream git@repository_url

ex: $ git remote add upstream git@zend/zend-validator.git

//do some changes and then

$ git checkout master/develop/or_specified_branch

$ git pull upstream master && git push origin master

$ git checkout -b hotfix/readme-update

//-b to create a new branch if you have a local branch already then don't use -b

//hotfix = new branch name or we can say prefix like: bugfix/hotfix/feature extra /readme-update : detailed-name

//you should create a new branch or checkout to your local branch you already created. Directly commit to master or other main branch is not recommended.

//-u to also push to upstream directory so we can create a pull request later in original repository

$ git push -u origin hotfix/readme-update

//got to github dashboard and generate the pull request follow the proper format of pull request.

//if your branch is behind with the branch you want to commit let’s say you want your commit to merge to master or develop branch and your hotfix/readme-update is 3 commits behind then you

// have to rebase your current branch with parent branch.

//rebase commands

//first checkout to main branch it could be master or develop branch

$ git checkout branch-name

$ git pull -v

//again checkout to your local branch ex: Feature/my-local-branch

$ git checkout local_branch_name

//now rebase it with parent branch

$ git rebase -i develop

//if you got merge conflict while rebasing with parent branch you have to resolve all merge conflict.

***********Rebase Step***************

//Edit all suggested files by git and then again do git status command to check changed files. Now follow below commands

$ git add files_names

$ git rebase –continue

// if you get more conflicts then resolve again and repeat from Rebase Step

//if rebase success then do git push. Force the push. If the repository is forked then include -u to also push to origin repository

$ git push origin Local/branch_name –force

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