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Having Trouble Learning ReactJS??

Strictly for Beginners!!!😊
It is normal to get stuck at some point in the learning stage, there are some steps to be taken if you lose confidence in learning and building projects.
There are many ways to learn Reactjs, it is available to learn through online courses and Reactjs official documentation, and some of the youtube channels, we can choose based on our style of learning.

  1. Learning react just after HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, will be a bit confusing in the beginning, so don't give up.
  2. Without the proper knowledge of javascript will create a lot of confusion, so learn or go through the basics thoroughly.
  3. Tutors may not be perfect in some aspects if you don't follow any of the steps, do refer to alternative sources.
  4. It will be difficult to note down each and every line of code so try to bookmark the difficult code or copy down code to some notepad or word.
  5. Don't forget to build the projects in between the courses or at least watch the building of projects like we watch TV shows on NETFLIX😂.
  6. Take breaks in between, don't stress out a lot on building projects or to learn for long hours.

These are some of the points which I found helpful while learning react.👍👍
Share your views in the comment section.

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ronca85 profile image

For me there's only one metric - I can make awesome websites without any framework. When I have to use frameworks I can't make anything. It's like you had an awesome game, like football or basketball but at some point someone decided you shouldn't play with a ball but with a fish. I'm sure someone somewhere can find a metric that says kicking a fish around is more efficient in some way maybe perhaps but it isn't the same game anymore. The industry creates its own workforce deficiency. You cannot make a system less complex than what the minimum complexity is but they sure are able to make the required skillset to do the job more broad. These people never take one step back and look at the horrific mess they created. My impression is that people who can make react work for them are people who never really cared about their work anyways. Everything they always made was meh, good enough, or "that-will-do" but nothing to be proud of.

yobretyo profile image

There’s allot of tutorials that will teach by “concepts” but they don’t truly “implement” in a real way, what they teach or even show. That’s where it gets tough, especially with JavaScript

akashkaintura profile image

Yes I found out this situation during my early days. The foundation is the core of learning any framework or technology clear out the basics and most important Practice * Practice * Practice.

ahzu profile image
Ahzu Direct

Thank you for this post. I am trying to not only learn React but live React as well. You have given me the perfect road map.