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Need tips to start Software Engineering <Post 2>

I have chosen my starter stack; My choice is JAVA as a starter stack , planning to learn :

  1. JAVA SE - for desktop app (even it's kinda depracted) : swing is no longer developed , java fx seems to be the new option reminaing
  2. JAKARTA is the new JAVA EE - for web dev
  3. JAVASCRIPT (and its children) for any frond-end tasks
  4. Android (with JAVA) for mobile dev in Android ecosystem

Questions (to perk):

  • where to host my JAVA starter projects online ?
  • Where to host my JAVA commercial projects ?
  • What is the real great learning path in JAVA WEB ? (I'm lost with all these JSP, JSF, Play Framework, Servlet, Spring, ...) Which one to pick ? Help me find the right path step by step.

My most fleshly wish

As I said in the publication 1 of my Enginneer starter thread, I was for 7 years WebDesigner; more than CMS - Wordpress, Drupal, and out of it.
So I end up with a lot of projects on 100% PHP hosting like justhost or godaddy.
I do not know if it is possible but I will want to create web services in JAVA and consume them on each of the PHP PHP (with javascript). I can hoster all web services on a JAVA hosting and as that always take advantage of my PHP hosting.

What do you think ?

This is my first challenge as a future Software Engineer, future JAVA Software Engineer. #MayMyWishComTrue

Some examples of a website with a java backend that I appreciated : (used to turn in JAVA backend)

Thanks your advises and tips would be helpful !

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HowToDoInJava • Edited on

If you are planning to learn Java then this link may help.