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Convert your normal Laravel Application in to SPA

I have recently published my first laravel package named laravel-spa, which is developed using javascript library turbolinks.

You can use this package in any normal laravel application, the installation & configuration process is very easy, you just have to run below artisan command on the root of your project.

composer require rajentrivedi/laravel-spa

After successful installation, you need to use below blade directive in your master blade, normally where we load all the assets.


Your javascript code or jQuery code should be between these blade directives.

@spascrit & @endspascript

If you want to disable this package for certain route, you can use


<a href="{{route('')}}" class="btn btn-primary btn-md m-5" @disablespa>Excel</a>

Now, page load speed of your application is faster compare to normal application.

Github link

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