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re: If your counter offer is your minimum acceptable salary number, you could expect the company will come in lower than that as a final offer. I know ...

Always counter higher than your minimum by a healthly margin.


I feel like this is good advice, but the speaker specifically said that if the calculation comes out smaller than your minimum acceptable salary, then you counter offer with the minimum acceptable salary.

I guess I wanted to understand that aspect of the talk

That's fair, and hopefully the speaker can weigh in with their perspective.

Personally, if their offer is that far below your minimum acceptable salary, either your expected salary numbers are not in line with the market or they are undervaluing your skills (probably the latter). If you really want that job, you can emphasize that your counter offer is a hard offer that you aren't willing to go below. You'd be surprised how many times they come up with more money. Another option, like Josh mentioned, is see if they can make up the salary deficit in other ways, like more vacation time or a higher education budget.

I think that's fair insight, and I appreciate you weighing in as well! Great discussion!

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