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Introducing React Onscreen Keyboard

I needed a customizable on-screen keyboard component for a music project I'm tinkering with.

So I built react-onscreen-keyboard

React Onscreen Keyboard Example

You can get a basic keyboard layout just by rendering Keyboard with no props

import OnscreenKeyboard from 'react-onscreen-keyboard'

const App = () => <OnscreenKeyboard />

But you can extend this component as much as you'd like !

Supported props :

export type KeyboardProps = {
  width?: number;
  height?: number;
  keyWidth?: number;
  rowHeightPercent?: number;
  rowWidthPercent?: number;
  verticalMargin?: number;
  horizontalMargin?: number;
  overrides?: Map<
      props: {
        val: KeyboardKeyVal;
        rowHeight: number;
    ) => any
  keyboardKeys?: KeyboardKeyVal[][];
  renderKey?: (p: KeyboardKeyProps) => any;
  rowStyle?: React.CSSProperties;
  keyStyle?: React.CSSProperties;

export type KeyboardKeyVal = {
  value: string | string[];
  id: string | string[];
  width: number;
  code: KeyboardEvent["code"] | KeyboardEvent["code"][];

If you need an on-screen keyboard make sure to check it out :

Cheers !

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