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JavaScript & Web API

As we all know, API stands for Application Programming Interface. API is actually some kind of interface which is having a set of functions. These set of functions will allow programmers to acquire some specific features or the data of an application.
Our web browser ( Chrome, Mozilla, Safari, etc. ) also provide some API, which is used by JavaScript engine.

Note that these API's are not the part of JavaScript language.

Below are the some most commonly used Web API's,

1. Timer API ( setTimeout, setInterval)

These API are used for executing task after specific time duration.

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2. Console API

Yes, console is not the part of JavaScript language but it's browser API. We can access many console features like console.log, console.error, console.dir, etc through this API.

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3. Document Object Model (DOM) API

DOM API are used to access, modify web document i.e. HTML pages. some commonly used DOM properties are document.getElementById, document.append, etc.

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4. Storage API ( localStorage, sessionStorage)

Storage API's are used for storing data locally in client side.

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5. Geolocation API ( Navigatior)

To get user's location related information , this API is used.

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There are many Web API's are available. click here to read more about all of API's

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