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Hansana Ranaweera
Hansana Ranaweera

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CyboShool against Education Problem that comes with COVID 19 Pandemic

Team Declaration

Team Name - Bits N' Bytes

Name Student ID Number Github Handle
Team Leader Hansana Prabavith Ranaweera 2019CS135 @ranahp

What we are building

This is Virtual Learning Environment for kids. Actually, this is more than a normal Virtual Learning Management System because we created an AI-powered 3D character to Interact with the kid. And 3D character can predict the kid's facial expression using Machine-Learning. So According to the kid's facial expression, we decide what we are going to do.

How we built it

[Initial Update]
Initially, I had to consider the current situation in Sri Lankan to get an idea about what I going to build. So I found a very serious problem that every teacher who teaches to grade 1-5 students and also a student and their parents had. That is not efficient in online learning because It is difficult to stay students who are studying grade 1-5 with computer and Online meeting. Actually, they are kids so they would like to play some games, dance, sing, and they usually unable to concentrate their minds on online studies. So Parents should have to stay with them during the online meeting or online study times. You know It is not possible. To that problem, I decide to make a VIRTUAL LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM with AI POWERD 3D Character

[Update 3]
I made a basic prototype with character and characters animation.

[Update 4]
Then I add Machine Learning to Detect facial expression and get what the student current facial expression

[Update 5]
after I worked with Text to Speech API. and add to prototype

[Final Update]
Finally, I assemble the whole prat together and wrote Main Algorithm to work all part correctly and work randomly and also add some style according to neon colors


Hacktoberfest actually this is one of the best hackathons because I learned a lot of new stuff and I studied how I manage my project and interact with friends and seniors. I learned how to work with 3d characters, how to animate them and learn some machine learning to predict facial expression and a lot of things.

Demo Link

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