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Kubernetes Deployments explained in plain English - in less than 10 minutes

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This is the Kubernetes explained in plain English series. This is the third video in the series "Deployments explained in plain English" with the help of Phippy and Friends.

In this video we talk about:

  1. Benefits of using Deployments v/s Replica Sets or Pods (0:18)
  2. What is a Deployment - Introduction and Overview (1:11)
  3. Concepts and when to use a RollingUpdate and Recreate Deployment (1:23)
  4. How to perform a RollingUpdate and Recreate Deployment (3:29)
  5. How to Rollback a Deployment to a particular version (7:59)

The link to the step by step practice lab - You do not need a pre-existing Kubernetes environment to get started you can perform all of the tasks right from the browser https://www.katacoda.com/ranand12/scenarios/podsinplainenglish

If you are preparing for the Certified Kubernetes Administrator (CKA) or Certified Kubernetes Developer (CKAD) - this video series will be in alignment with your exam preparation

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K8s in plain English

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Credits to CNCF foundation - http://phippy.io/ for the characters from the "Illustrated children's guide to Kubernetes"

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