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Benjamin Rancourt
A passionate Technology Analyst from Sherbrooke (Quebec) 🍁, who love almost everything about web development 🌐.
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At work, I write a lot of scripts to automate commands , like Dockerfile, GitLab CI, or just a group of commands for a specific task. In my scripts, I like to add a lot of comments to indicate what the command does or why. Sometimes I even add comments between its arguments , as some of them may not be clear. 🥴

These comments may be obvious for experienced developers, but I think it can helps readers, as they might not have the same knowledge. It might even be myself in a few months or years, as I regularly switch from one language to another, depending on the project I am working on.

Unfortunately, the comments between the arguments of a multiline command differ from a shell to shell. So sometimes, I find myself looking for an example in a previous projet to comment the commands of the script I am writing. 🔎

To facilitate the development of my future scripts, I decided to write this little post as my personal memo. 📝

I hope this helps you write better scripts as well! Enjoy! 😊


  • Normal comments: # Comment
  • Comments between arguments: # Comment
# Downloads the package lists from the repositories and updates them
apt-get update \
# Install the following dependencies with the specified versions
# To check if the versions are up to date:
&& apt-get install --no-install-recommends --no-install-suggests -y \
  locales=2.28-10 `# To be able to change the language` \
  unzip=6.0-23+deb10u2 `# To be able to unzip the source files` \
  wget=1.20.1-1.1 `# To be able to obtain the source files`
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Example of a multiline command in Bash with comments


Excerpt taken from my Lint PowerShell scripts with PSScriptAnalyzer post.

  • Normal comments: # Comment
  • Comments between arguments: <# Comment #>
# Sets values for a registered module repository
Set-PSRepository \
  -ErrorAction Stop <# Action to take if a command fails #> \
  -InstallationPolicy Trusted <# Installation policy (Trusted, Untrusted) #> \
  -Name PSGallery <# Name of the repository #> \
  -Verbose; <# Write verbose output #>
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Example of a multiline command in PowerShell with comments

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