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# Week 4/14 : 100 Days of Code

Day 22

I've noticed that my productivity curve is diminishing recently. I get distracted more easily and start scrolling through Dev or Twitter or read cool blogs. Anyways, I set time limits for social media apps and I plan to allot time slots and get work done.

I did some problems related to modulo arithmetic.

Make it fit in int range using %(10^9+7)
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Day 23

I revised basics of Dynamic Programming and did the Alphacode question. Next week's going to be a tough one - there's lots of events crashing.

We have placement training series for starters - everyday 2 hours for next 1 week. I scheduled my MLH technical interview for Monday. It's with Kunal Kushwaha - one of the founders of Code for Cause. I never thought I'd get to actually meet him. I'm a bit nervous and very excited. I really appreciate the work put in by Code for Cause for democratising Computer Science Education. Final Lab project due in 1 day - we have loadssssss left to doooo. Better get on with it.

Day 24

Spent the entire day coding a social media web app using Nodejs + React + PostgresSQL ..... literally the whole day!

It was kind of fun. I still have loads left to do though. Comment module, populate in sequelize (if it's even possible) and hopefully there will be time to deploy it.

I'm feeling really bad - I should have allotted time for everything and not focus 1 dimensionally on something...

Day 25

I attended RTC's Motivating Career Session. It opened my eyes to a lot of new things about the Tech industry and finding a workplace that resonates with you. I 'blogged' it out here to leave a lasting impression. Spent the rest of the day working on the web app. It's almost done except I'm unable to render comments on the screen - when I make changes in code and run it comments get displayed, other times no changes. Why??

Day 26

Got my next assignment for the internship. I have to demonstrate 2 reports in both power BI and tableau in 3 days. Next week's gonna be tight.

I had my social media web app demonstration today. It went well for a 3 days project. But so many more features could have been added. Did today's Leetcode challenge - it was about priority queues.

Day 27

Sunday was a very relaxing day. I just did a few unfinished Leetcode challenges related to array maximums and pentatope numbers. Tomorrow is my big interview day. So I'm going through the code which I submitted.

Day 28

Had my MLH interview. Idk. I prepared too much and it did't go as well as I had expected. I really really need to improve my communication skills and be able to talk freely to a person.

I did today's Leetcode challenge - it was about finding how many pairs of numbers sum to k. Tomorrow I have my Database lab exam. I just went through my notes quickly. I've seem to have forgotten most of it.😅

Hoping that the next week turns out more productive,

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