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Explain Explain to Me

Continuing off the React, Vue and Angular posts made by Ben from I was impressed to see the SEO rankings go straight to number one on google.

So Explain => Explain to me "post was born" to test this formula against engine rankings.

Also this was made for fun, to see the power of's weight on the engines, and the "recursion" one could find so easily with title phrases about a topic like this.

Happy coding <3

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Thanks - Chad

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Brian Barbour

I think just this site in general has great SEO.

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Chad Collins

This might be a great time to bring up the White Hat SEO is Dead group on FB I help moderate. For instance, I think gets great rankings because of engagement. I looked at one of the "Explain x to me" posts, and it didnt even have a Description, a true violation of traditional SEO techniques. Good times! Ill hazard my guess that my post Explain Explain to Me wont rank well on google, because Ben's posts have a lot more engagement, comments on them among other signals. Here is the group on fb for those that are TLDR;s

Here is a post you might want to check out:

Regex for lazy developers

regex for lazy devs

Sorry for the callout ๐Ÿ˜†