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Tip 3: Create a `tmp` Alias

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One Tip a Day (6 Part Series)

1) Tip 1: Per Directory ZShell History 2) Tip 2: History Forgets Common Commands 3 ... 4 3) Tip 3: Create a `tmp` Alias 4) Tip 4: Git Commit Templates & Conventional Commits 5) Tip 5: Replacing ls with exa 6) Tip 6: Bat, Rip, & Skim

Nobody ever tells you this, but it's true for everyone ... you'll need to trust me...

There's going to be a time in your life when you create a directory called stuff (or things, or tmp, or delete-me, and so forth) to perform some random crappy test.

You'll never delete this directory. Honestly. You'll end up putting it in some archive directory and it'll live forever.

Well, enough is enough.

Create this alias. Now.

Use it with the same glutenous desire you feel when you're reaching for that last piece of chocolate, from the bag you opened three and a half minutes ago.

You're welcome

alias tmp=' cd $(mktemp -d)'
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