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Aleksey Razbakov
Aleksey Razbakov

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Symfony Workflow alternative in NodeJS?

I am looking for js state machine library that can save state to database.

So far I found lots of state machines in js (machina-js, javascript-state-machine, stately, xstate), but those are pure libraries without any object abstractions around it.

In Symfony Workflow you can configure Entity and its property. Is there any node framework or library that provides some conventions and skeleton for workflows and state machines?

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Adam Crockett 🌀 • Edited

Xstate, job done, well that and some ORM, depends on the database. Node is a roll your own solution, because JavaScript is a roll your own language. In all seriousness, you want to do 2 different things, state and persist, just stick two libraries together and call it a day.

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Matas Lesinskas

Just why?