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Raihan Bin Wahid
Raihan Bin Wahid

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Day 1

Day 1/100 of #100DaysOfCode

Rotating-Navigation-Animation | Face-Recognition-Brain | Codewars

Hours coded: 3.8
Lines of code: 635
Keystrokes: 4819

1.Completed the Rotating-Navigation-Animation project. It was part of the "50 Projects in 50 Days" Udemy Course.

2.Completed the front-end part of the Face-Recognition-Brain Project. It was part of "The Complete Web Developer in 2021: Zero to Mastery" Udemy Course.

3.I tried to solve the "Easy Balance Checking" problem on Codewars. But I could not.

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Discussion (4)

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Prasham Ashesh • Edited on

You completed all these in 1 day or was this your aim? just curious! 😅

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Raihan Bin Wahid Author

I did it all in 1 day and that was my goal. Thanks for your curiosity & Good luck to you.

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Prasham Ashesh

Damn, you got will!