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Raihan Bin Wahid
Raihan Bin Wahid

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Day 4

Day 4/100 of #100DaysOfCode

scroll-animation | Codewars | Node.js

Hours coded: 3.2
Lines of code: 246
Keystrokes: 3666

  1. Completed the "scroll-animation" project. It's part of the "50 Projects in 50 Days" Udemy Course.

Technology: HTML, CSS, JavaScript DOM

  1. I tried to solve the "(4kyu) Next bigger number with the same digits" problem on Codewars. And the result was
    Passed:95 Failed:55. I tried for more than 2 hours but I could not pass all tests.

  2. I enjoyed my time when practicing on the Postman tool. It's a great tool when trying to dissect RESTful APIs.

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