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Bipin Radhakrishnan
Bipin Radhakrishnan

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My learning plan 2020

This is a list of things I want to learn in 2020 and why these subjects interest me. These are not in any order, so I may try to learn things based on my interest and as I time permits. I know this is a pretty extensive list, so I'm trying to achieve as much possible. I believe some I can learn as part of my work.

  • I want to learn Angular, this is a very popular framework and I could use this at my work too. An added advantage, the latest version of angular uses typescript and I can pick up some typescript when learning angular.
  • Learning React, another popular framework. I tried to learn some basics and found this very interesting. React is also used in building cross-platform apps using react native for mobile and electronjs for desktop.
  • I want to learn Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Lightroom because I'm also a photography enthusiast and want to be better in photo editing.
  • I want to learn vue.js, this is another front end framework for web design that is gaining a lot of traction.
  • Master SOLID principles, is fundamental for any good application architecture. I have a good understand of SOLID principles and try to follow these in my application architecture, but no always.
  • Learn Kubernetes, because of this industry-acclaimed container orchestration system.
  • Complete Harvard CS50 course, this is a great course to refresh your computer science basics and is considered to be the best.
  • Learn a bit of Python, python is a favorite for folks in data analysis, AI, and Machine learning. These are areas I would like to learn at some point in the future. So learning a little bit of Python will benefit me. I'm hoping I can lean this as part of the CS50 course.
  • I want to learn golang, I have a heard lot about golang and how this is being used increasingly more these days.
  • Learning Nodejs, I know a little bit of nodejs already. I worked on a personal project using nodejs, but did not get time to learn it properly and finish my project.

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