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I have bootstrapped a startup and created first product for content creators.

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Who am I?

Just a random guy who has been building software for a while now. I got laid off from my job as a software developer last year(March 2020). I went back to class with Udacity and tried to apply for several jobs afterwards without success, and it has never been easy since then. Here we are in 2021 taking a different path and trying to build my own startup hoping for success. It will be rough, tough and unpredictable but I believe I will enjoy every single moment since I am doing it out of passion.

The company

The company is called Asteyo, Inc, it is still in process of being incorporated with Stripe Atlas. Asteyo, Inc is an innovation company where we bring innovation ideas to life.

What's the product?

We are planning to launch two if not three products this year. Our first product which is in Beta version is officially released today. It's

The product is for online content creators and publishers. The platform allows you to create a link for any online content which is not yet published, and you can share the link with your audience prior to the publication of the content. Also you can engage with your audience prior to the publish so that you can shape the content based on their opinions/ideas.

What are the use cases?

If you are a writer and you have few articles as drafts and you plan to publish them any time soon. You can create links for the articles and discuss with your audience how to shape the articles in the comments section in our platform. Lastly the audience can choose to be notified when the articles are published online.

As a youtuber, you are going to the field to film a youtube video, among the participants are strangers and they would love to see themselves later once the video is uploaded. User can create a link from Asteyo and share with the participants while filming, once the video is published on youtube, the link will redirect users to the Youtube video. And if participants will choose to come to our platform and request for notification after upload, they will be notified.

Product/Software release
An individual or company is planning to launch a software or a product, they can allow people in the waiting list to receive notification once the product is launched.

Use cases are unlimited
There are so many use cases of the application. For instance if you write catch titles, you may be discovered with new audiences and attract them to your publishing platforms like Dev, Medium or YouTube.

Feature Requests and Bugs

As I mentioned above, the product is still in beta release, there might be a lot of bugs/issues to be spotted. Also you might be interested in the product but you would love to see certain features being implemented. You can file a ticket from the following Trello board and I assure you we will address the ticket. Support Ticket Management

Your support

I would appreciate if you give a support by trying the app and share it with your circles.

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princesingh123 profile image
Prince Singh

That's great..

martineboh profile image
Martin Eboh

It’s a step in the right direction! I really admire your courage. The aim is to keep moving forward. Kudos

rbluena profile image
Rabii Luena

Thanks @martineboh for the encouraging words. You are right I will just keep pressing and pushing myself, but I guess am not suppose to be too blind if thinks will not turn out to be what I expected. It's gonna be a long journey.