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11 Best Websites to Announce Software Products

2020 is coming to an end (Finally!), and I know you are waiting for the right moment to announce that idea you’ve been working on these last months. The start of a new year fits you like a glove. But where?

Internet could be overwhelming sometimes. There are many places to keep up to date and learn from people who are in the same field: LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok (why not?), YouTube, etc. For example, if you’re immersed in the tech environment, working in a SaaS (Software as a Service) company, or even learning a framework like React, YouTube is a good ally. But back to business, what you need is a list of the best websites to announce your software product for the first time. So here you have these 11 websites we’ve compiled for you, hoping these will help you put your ideas into the market and beyond:

  1. Reddit- Entrepreneur:
  2. Reddit-SideProject:
  3. Hacker News:
  4. Product Hunt:
  5. Betalist:
  6. AngelList:
  7. Beta Bound:
  8. BetaTesting:
  9. Feed My App:
  11. Launching Next:

In case you don’t have a new software development project yet or are starting a new one right now, check out the benefits of doing it with a React component library.

Let me know your thoughts and which ones fit you. Good luck launching!

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