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Getting started with our community hangouts

This year we received so many cool proposals to our call for papers that we had to add a second track on day 2 of the conference.

Even so, we felt that there were many other proposals to our call for papers that deserved a chance to present to a wide audience and this is why we invited them to present live on our youtube channel. First person to accept was Florian Rappl who talked to us about Microfrontends with React so if you've ever wondered what Microfrontends are all about and how would you make them work with react. Make sure to check the video below 👇👇

And in case you missed it, Sibelius Seraphini gave a very cool demo of Relay with Concurrent Mode last week you can watch below.

He will also be giving a workshop on the topic.

We will have many cool live streams with speakers coming to the conference and people who submitted talks to our call for papers, you can hit the subscribe button on our youtube channel to never miss a new live stream.

If you have a cool project you would like to demo on our youtube channel to our more than 17k subscribers, you can DM us on here or on twitter

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