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New Workshop: TypeScript for React (and GraphQL!) Devs with Michel Weststrate

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The React community is moving to TypeScript fast & it can be hard to keep up. What better way to learn about both TypeScript & how to migrate a React app to it than with none other than @mweststrate who wrote MobX in TypeScript?

GraphQL is also taking over the world and has typing included, however, it’s a pity that you often have to define your typing twice, once in your GraphQL backend and then again on the client. Michel will show you how to make this process easier during the workshop.

You can get your ticket and more info here

This workshop will get you up and running with the basic and more advanced patterns of TypeScript. TypeScript has some powerful features, that fit very well with the dynamic nature of the JavaScript language. In this workshop we will cover all the essentials and some of the unique features of TypeScript.

But beyond that, this is a workshop for React devs! To practice the theory, during the hands-on parts of this workshop we will be migrating an application from plain JavaScript to TypeScript.

Michel Weststrate has been working with TypeScript full-time for the last 3 years. He authored several open source libraries (such as MobX and MobX-state-tree) that are written in TypeScript and leverage some of it’s finest features.

Get your ticket here

Also in case you missed it, we have six other workshops to choose from about React.js, React Native, GraphQL, Next.js, Gatsby, Forms and more.

Cheers and see you soon,

-the ReactEurope team

PS: if you would like to sponsor the conference, get in touch with us at

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