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Integrate PayTm Payment Gateway in Wordpress

Payment gateway is used to accept the online payments through website, mobile apps or any other medium. WordPress allow us to integrate different types of payment gateways like Paypal, Stripe, Razorpay, Paytm etc.

Uses of payment gateway in wordpress:

  • We can use payment gateway in woocommerce for our e-commerce wordpress website
  • Payment gateway can be use in membership wordpress websites.
  • We can accept donations through payment gateway in our wordpress websites.
  • In Booking websites we can use payment gateway to accept booking payments.
  • We can also use payment gateway for services offering websites.

Here we will integrate PayTm Payment Gateway in wordpress website.

Integrating Paytm Payment Gateway in Woocommerce

Step 1

Download the woocommerce plugin and activate it.

Step 2

Download the Paytm payment gateway for woocommerce and activate it.

Step 3

Create an account on Paytm Business and activate your account. After activating your account you will see your credentials to integrate.

Step 4

Login to your wordpress dashboard and go to WooCommerce => Settings. Under Payments tab you will see the Payments methods then click on Pay with Paytm. And now fill the form with credentials given by PayTm Business.

That’s it Now you can see the option Pay with Paytm at checkout in your website.

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