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Patricia Joanne
Patricia Joanne

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Romansa Chat

This is my Cryptography final project which is a cryptography chatting app made by Flutter. Thanks to Angga and Islam which were my team members who helped me to do this project. This project was initialized when I was in Jakarta to have an interview with Shopee last week. Last week everyone should present the idea and Angga made the mockups initiatively so we were safe. And today we presented our finished app in front of the Cryptography practical study assistants. I actually just learned Flutter not as expert as Islam so he made almost of the codes in the app. We gave our best in the presentation and the practical study assistants gave us the appreciations for this project. Wow.

You can check the project as usual in my Github here. The original repository belongs to Islam and I just forked it. Ah yes, note for the project: the cipher that we can use only the autokey cipher. The columnar transposition cipher doesn’t work because array isn’t supported in Flutter. That makes me wondered why the practical study assistants appreciated us. Is that because we use a new kind of programming language? But still, I am happy that they were so kind to us and I hope they can give us good scores.

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