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How distinct is distinctUntilChanged?

If you have been working with RxJS, you might have heard about distinctUntilChanged() operator πŸ”₯

Let's have a quick peek into the official docs to see how it works:

Returns an Observable that emits all items emitted by the source Observable that are distinct by comparison from the previous item.

So in short, if the source stream emits:

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You get just

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There is a catch, though. By default, the operator will compare values using the === operator.

This will work fine for primitive values like strings or numbers which are compared by value, but will not work for stuff like arrays or objects which are compared by reference.

'a' === 'a' // true
1 === 1     // true
{} === {}   // false
[] === []   // false
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So any time you are working with objects streams, you should strongly consider providing your own compare function to the distinctUntilChanged() operator.

const source = of({ id: 1 }, { id: 1 }, { id: 2 });

// ❌ does not work, because values are compared with ===
// logs { id: 1 } { id: 1 } { id: 2 }

// πŸ”₯ it works, because we provide a custom compare function
  distinctUntilChanged((prev, next) => ===
// logs { id: 1 } { id: 2 }
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Live demo

Hope you're having a great one, and I'll see you for more 60 Seconds posts in the future πŸ₯³

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