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Codecademy Data Science Course Part II

Introduction to SQL

I was able to complete this section of the Data Science course pretty quickly as I already have some exposure to SQL. With that said there were some concepts that I didn't quite know about and some that I haven't used in a while that were nice to get a refresher on. All in all I think the SQL portion is great if you are familiar with SQL. If you don't know any SQL at all I would definitely recommend looking into the SQL course here: as it is a really great resource. As a matter of fact I should have included it in my previous post about free coding websites because W3schools is a really great learning resource. Some of the courses can be a bit outdated but you will get a decent amount of knowledge from them.

Moving on. I had a lot of fun in this section and definitely think that it was worth it. Now the particular section I am working on in the Data Science course is free to go through on Codecademy. It is the Learn SQL module they offer. If you are wanting to test your knowledge of SQL or you want more of a challenge because you learn better by being challenged then I would recommend this one over the w3schools course. You can find it here:

Writing Queries

This is the second part of the SQL course within the Data Science course. I thoroughly enjoyed this one as well and is also a part of the Learn SQL course module. So if you don't have a Pro membership to Codecademy but you still want to take this SQL course then I highly recommend it. I do have to warn you though. The project challenge at the end will make you think about how to solve the questions. Which is a good thing. You get some step by step sections but the best part about the course is the project. It helped me see the sections of SQL that I need to work on. I was able to complete a good portion of it without needing to look things up but, as with all things programming related you aren't going to know the answer to everything every time. So that was a lot of fun.

Concluding Thoughts

In conclusion I have to say that so far I am definitely enjoying the course and definitely feeling as though my SQL skills are increasing with each challenge I finish. Definitely want to recommend this course again for those of you wanting a refresher or to test your skills. If you are brand new to SQL you will still learn some valuable skills but I would recommend going with an easier course to get the hang of the language first which would be w3schools. To follow along with the tutorial in w3schools as it doesn't include an in browser editor I would recommend setting up a SQLite repl at It's free and you can set up a repl for just about any major language used these days. As always I hope you enjoyed this post and look forward to hearing any thoughts and answering any questions you may have. Enjoy.

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