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Codecademy Data Science Course Part I

Thoughts On Codecademy Data Science Course

Hello, and welcome to my post on Codecademy's Data Science Course. This will be a series of posts documenting my time with the platform throughout the course. Hope the information in this post is informational and even helpful if you are looking at possibly taking the course.

Introduction Course: Why Data Science?

The first course you start with isn't so much about coding as it is about why choose Data Science as a profession and what skills you will learn in this course that will make you a successful Data Scientist. You are introduced to an employee that was just hired by Codecademy as a Data Scientist. You go through, what I can only assume is her first day/week on the job while being introduced to the various languages and skills you will learn throughout the course.

What Skills and Programming Languages You Ask?

Keep in mind that this is just an introduction section so it doesn't go into too much detail on any of the sections.


The first language that it covers is SQL. It gives a brief introduction to the new employees task and that they will be using SQL to accomplish the task. You then run your and see your first glimpse of SQL. If you haven't ever used SQL before this is a pretty cool introduction. For those that have used SQL or have several years of experience with SQL it's not anything you haven't seen before.


Next up is Python. You get a brief introduction to the numpy and pandas libraries a long with showing matplotlib for creating pretty neat and awesome looking data visualizations. This is actually pretty cool. Whether this is your first time seeing a data visualization project or not it's pretty cool to look at.

Machine Learning

Last but certainly not least is the Machine Learning section. This section show a Python script full of all kinds of code that, if you are new to Data Science you won't really understand but that isn't the point of this section. It is just to get you to see what the code produces that you will eventually be creating.


I know this wasn't the longest post, or shortest post for that matter, but I just wanted to say that so far the Data Science course available on Codecademy is going good. And does offer valuable insights into each category to show what you will be doing. Enjoy.

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