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Open-source React code generator component for CRUD apps based on your API on the fly

We are running an open source React-based framework for building CRUD apps rapidly.

🚀Source code:

We have built a new component called "Inferencer". It generates full working CRUD page codes by analyzing the API response.

You can bootstrap a complete CRUD app within seconds if you have your API ready.

The aim is to reduce the amount of time spent on creating views for resources by generating the code automatically that can be customized easily.

Inferencer support is available for Ant Design, Material UI, Mantine UI, and Chakra UI.

Refer to the Inferencer documentation for examples and details:

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omeraplak profile image
Ömer Faruk APLAK

It's a killer feature 🚀

yildirayunlu profile image
Yıldıray Ünlü

Great 🚀

civanozseyhan profile image
Civan Özseyhan

The future has come 🚀🚀🚀

alicanerdurmaz profile image
Alican Erdurmaz

Awesome idea 👊 It's a great time saver 🙏

yashkapure06 profile image
Yash Kapure


necatiozmen profile image
Necati Özmen


slhozdemir profile image
Salih Özdemir


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