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Steffan Jensen

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How I made a Instagram Bot with face detection.

Instagram scraper with autopost and face detection.

I made an Instagram Bot which autoscraped peoples profiles took a machine learning module and reposted the images back to Instagram. I am new to python, so many of the fundamentals are missing, all feedback are good.

This was maybe my third python bot, I had played little around with different social network bots on Github, they all ended up on the same road, liking pictures of dogs, commercials and other weird stuff, I reached out to the bot creators most said it was impossible, too much work.

Download My Instagram Bot:

How I implemented face detection

So i ended up implementing it myself with only 2 lines of code.

    image = face_recognition.load_image_file(instapath)
    face_locations = face_recognition.face_locations(image)
    # If no face located scrape the next profile
    if not face_locations:
        print("There is no Face Detected scraping next profile")
        x += 1
        print("There is a Face Detected scraping and posting this image")

Face detection at work on a live webcam

Instagram Scraper

I had already made the scraper/reposter myself within a few days, so to implement this code and it just worked.. was perfect

My script right now have a few third party packages and it's really fun to see how easy it's it to implement different modules. I think Python is a really fun language and the possibilities and endless.

My Instagram Scraper Website:

Download My Instagram Bot:

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Kave Mohammadi

thats a nice composition, btw, what is the USE of face detection in your bot?

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Steffan Jensen • Edited

Scrape the image of username if face is detected in image repost else scrape the image of next username.

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Be carefull or Instagram's robot.txt and other limits, you can easily end up banned.