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Best jobs remotely for today - 17 of November

remotely_jobs profile image Remotely ・1 min read

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  1. UX Developer (Web4Realty)
  • Advanced in HTML5/CSS3/JQuery
  • Highly Experienced in JavaScript
  1. Full-Stack Developer(Python & Javascript) (Trio)
  • 3+ years of full-time professional React + Javascript development experience — shipping business apps that are used in production
  • 3+ years of professional Python Flask and/or Django Backend development experience
  1. Node JS Engineer @ CartKit(CartKit)
  • Babel, ES6, and up to date with latest releases
  • Vue, React, Svelte, or other modern frontend frameworks.
  1. C++ (Qt) Developer (X-Team)
  • Expert knowledge (3+ years) of C++ and the Qt framework
  • Solid knowledge/experience with Windows IPC, Pipes, WebSockets
  1. Lead / Senior Ruby on Rails Developer (Farmgirl Flowers)
  • Five or more years of professional experience working with Ruby, Rails, Rspec
  • Rotating on-call duties (there is no separate DevOps team)


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