Is Today the Best Time to be a Developer? No...but We're Getting Better.

Brian Rinaldi on November 01, 2018

I have been a developer for over 20 years. Over the course of those 20+ years, I have often heard statements along the lines of "there's never been... [Read Full]
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Not sure it's on topic but one thing I'm seeing companies doing more and more is asking for "links to github of projects you have worked on" so they can see what type of code you write.
While I understand the idea, I'm not a big fan of this because there are people like myself who built tools for companies that do not allow to share it or even put it on github.

Yes, you could say "then join an open-source project and contribute" which is good but even if you have the time for that, which you may not have, it's already too late to apply to the position you're seeing now ...


I agree with this. It is saying "work 8 hours, then 4 more for free for years for us to consider you". Pish. Conversely, there is not quantitative way to show skill without example. Welders can show there skill. Drivers can show there skill. Developers can as well, but how without additional workload is the question.


I agree. And I get why they do that, it's a lot of risk choosing somebody you don't know but we also take the risk leaving our job and joining them.
We should both take risks, not only the applicant.


"Blacks and hispanics are still underrepresented in relation to their share of the US population, but the situation has improved."

They way you write about this makes me stop reading. Why are you so obsessed with race? Nobody sane cares what race employers are.


I'm not sure how a single sentence in a large post counts as an obsession. It seems you feel pretty strongly about race, yourself.


So are old people but nobody complains about a lack of them in tech. Who gets to decide which minorities to champion. What we need is interested, talented people of whatever category.


Lots of things to riff on in such a tiny comment.

Firstly, people DO bring up age discrimination in tech. Especially with respect to the Silicon Valley tech culture.

Secondly, what does your last sentence have to do with championing an underrepresented group?

My second sentence was so that people didn't think I am racist. And dismiss my criticism of the obsession with this kind of identity politics. is so full of people preaching about what we should and shouldn't do and desperately trying to signal their virtues it just gets really boring. The constant underlying assumption is that every group that is underrepresented is actively being discrimination. Correlation is not causation.

Well, my only response at this point is really to encourage you to re-read this comment thread and really interrogate who is dismissing who.


Bad: "...but developers frequently have the added expectation that they are supposed to go home and work on passion projects or open source to keep their resumes competitive...." - This is not joke. 8 hrs at work, another 4 at home. Not just to be competitive, but to stay relevant.

Good: "... it can be hard to imagine that we ever debated the value and viability of open source software." Truth! So true that Microsoft is now THE largest open source contributor organization. Open Source is eating the world.

"...Dreamweaver, Flash and ColdFusion Studio..." 20 years later and ColdFusion is STILL in production...

"...the median individual income in the US, which is $31,099...." Wow, really? My first professional role was higher than that and I do not live in a tech hub. Nice!

Thank you for this Brain. If you are ever over in Tampa let me know. ;)


Very well argued!

I feel like this is a post I’m going to refer back to as reference material for DEV. If we can help move some of the bad into the good in some small way, it would be great.


It's refreshing to see two sides of a coin like this along with supporting material. Clearly, you've been around the block.

Excellent post!


Great article. I think we are of a similar vintage as I remember software in a box. Definitely installed windows 2k off cds a few times.

And I learned that my article is the top result for “burnout developers” on Google!


Great post, and I definitely agree that tomorrow will be better!

I also think that today was better than yesterday because a lot of the "bad" wasn't even up for discussion.


Amazing post. It's always good to evaluate the good and the bad to have a clear expectation of the outcomes.


i'm a js programmer about 4 years now and i can say 100% sure that development or programming stuff is boring thing most of the time if you not loving it,i earned 450$ per month about 3 year building angularjs app in my country and there is no too much opportunity to scale and raise as a good developer and build things right, when i said that lets move project to a new angular employer replied that dont touch the app unless it works, at the end programming is awesome thing, prpgramming is art, and no matter what i love programming :)


Of course you have to mix in some gender and race bait...

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