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Amir Shevat for Reshuffle

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ReshuffleDB - the DB that's always there for you

One of the most fundamental aspects of fullstack development is working with databases. Even though no two web applications are the same, the need for remote data is nearly ubiquitous. You might assume that due to the massive advancements in cloud computing over the last 10 years provisioning a DB in 2019 would be fairly painless. But it's not.

At Reshuffle we understand that nearly all real world applications need data. This is why any application deployed to the Reshuffle platform automagically has a database provisioned alongside it. That way, the database you always end up needing is already there when you need it.

Building an app on Reshuffle is 100% free and comes with it's own DB. Here is our shiny new documentation, please let us know what you think!

Reshuffle DB docs
Reshuffle homepage
Our Discord

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