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I was okay at English before I started learning programming, in highschool. Our highschool teacher explained us basic programming constructs over the year, in C++. Despite the fact that I had been learning English since elementary school, some programming words just didn't sound that intuitive to me. E. G., switch (switch for me was on or off), variable ( I was taken aback when I first heard it. Our teacher explained that this is very similar to the 'x' we use in math, which made more sense), array pop (I had never seen pop used this way before), stack (I knew what the word meant but I couldn't imagine a stack of plates until our teacher gave an example).

Also add to the fact that, English pronunciations are not exactly intuitive. You can't figure how a word is pronounced from the characters. I remember friends pronouncing "char" as "car". I still know people who pronounce "cache" as "catch-é".


Wow. Thanks for sharing. Glad you were able to push on.

Yeah, English pronunciations can be weird. I'm still trying to figure out why "Leicester" is propounded "Lester".🤣

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