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Reuben Walker, Jr.
Reuben Walker, Jr.

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Symfony Station Communiqué — 08 September 2023. A look at Symfony, Drupal, PHP, Cybersecurity, and Fediverse news!

This communiqué originally appeared on Symfony Station.

Welcome to this week's Symfony Station communiqué. It's your review of the essential news in the Symfony and PHP development communities focusing on protecting democracy. We also cover the cybersecurity world and the Fediverse.

This week, we also published a workcation edition. It covered the Symfony-related items birthed while we were out of town.

There is plenty of good content in each category this week, so please take your time and enjoy the items most relevant and valuable to you.

Or jump straight to your favorite section via our website.

My opinions will be in bold. And will often involve profanity.

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As always, we will start with the official news from Symfony.

Highlight -> "This week, development activity was lighter than usual and focused on deprecating and tweaking features in the upcoming Symfony 6.4 version. Meanwhile, the SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 conference announced the last days of the reduced ticket price period."

# A Week of Symfony #870 (28 August - 3 September 2023)

They also have:

Become our partner at SymfonyLive Berlin 2023

SymfonyLive Berlin 2023 Starts in a Month

SymfonyCon Brussels 2023: Call for IT student volunteers 

Symfony 7.0 Type Declarations 

API Platform Conference 2023 : the countdown has started! 

Featured Item

Featured item graphic

Timo Tijhof expertly writes:

"PHP is big. The trolls can proclaim its all-but-certain “death” until the cows come home, but no amount of heckling changes that the Internet runs on PHP. The evidence is overwhelming. What follows is a loosely organized collection of precisely that evidence."

An internet of PHP

This Week

Twillio starts a series:
Add Realtime Push Capabilities in Symfony With Mercure

Strange Buzz is:
Introducing the microsymfony application template 

Jakub Skowron shares:
Elevate your code mastering by refactoring in Symfony with RectorPHP

Discovering Symfony's Secret Weapon: the Ulitimate Guide to the Webhook Component 

A new book should be available soon:
Symfony 6 a practical guide
Please show your interest.

Ruben Rubio shows us how to:
Serve a file stream in Symfony 

Oğuzhan Karacabay shares:
Custom DQL usage with Symfony 


Sylius releases:
Month of Sylius August 


Laravel News reports on:
Symfony's DomCrawler with Laravel HTTP Tests


Jakob Rockowitz demonstrates:
Building complex content models using the Blueprints module’s configuration, mapping sets, and starter kits

Drupal Easy is:
Introducing the Markdown Easy Drupal Module

Golems shares:
The Impact of Machine Learning on Drupal Personalization

Bounteous explores:
The Evolution of Drupal: Discover the Features D7 Users Are Missing Out On

Acquia explains:
Why Drupal is the Preferred CMS for Government Websites

Previous Weeks

ImageX examines:
Content Editing on a Drupal Website in 2023: What's New and Hot

PHP logo


This Week

The WordPress Dev Blog is:

Exploring the future of web development with WebAssembly and PHP

Techiclues shows us how to:
Convert YAML to an array in PHP 

Alex shares:
How PHP daemons can make your life easier

Grzegorz Lasak explores:
Templating API Calls and More: Exploring the Template Method Pattern in PHP 

Constants vs. String Literals: Crafting Cleaner PHP Code 

Amit Merchant demonstrates:
All the ways to handle null values in PHP

Dariusz Gafka examines:
YOLO Message-Driven Architecture 

Jeroen Deviaene asks:
Why does a backslash prefix improve PHP function call performance 

Shafekul Abid shares:
Unveiling Advanced PHP Techniques: From Design Patterns to Testing Part 1

Unveiling Advanced PHP Techniques: From Design Patterns to Testing Part 2

Previous Weeks

Black Cat Dev looks at:
Navigating Undefined Variable and Index Notices in PHP: Understanding and Resolving Common Warnings
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Please visit our Support Ukraine page to learn how you can help kick Russia out of Ukraine (eventually).

The cyber response to Russia’s War Crimes and other douchebaggery

The Kyiv Post reports:
Ukraine is Now Using AI-Powered Drones With Some Amazing Capabilities

The Next Web reports:
Ukraine’s fight against disinformation is creating a new startup sector

Euractiv reports:
Slovak elections: How platforms counter political misinformation under DSA 

The Register reports:
Russian infosec boss gets nine years for $100M insider-trading caper using stolen data
This is why you don't use Russian software, companies, or programmers.

TechCrunch reports:
EU confirms six (mostly US) tech giants are subject to Digital Markets Act

The Evil Empire Strikes Back

The Guardian reports:
Twitter accused of helping Saudi Arabia commit human rights abuses

Twitter ‘unfit’ for banking over alleged complicity in Saudi rights abuses

CNBC reports:
ADL CEO says Elon Musk’s insinuation to sue over defamation is merely a ‘threat of a frivolous lawsuit’ 
**Space Karen has added antisemitism to his bag of cuntitry.

Disconnect reports on:
The media's failure on Elon Musk 
**And by the way, Shitter's CuntEO did not found Tesla. He bought it from the two founders and proceeded to fuck it up.

And he's decided to help Russia in their occupation of Ukraine.
Elon Musk shuts down Starlink in Crimea to stop Ukraine’s drone attack on Russian Navy

The Hacker News reports:
Chinese-Speaking Cybercriminals Launch Large-Scale iMessage Smishing Campaign in U.S.

Researchers Warn of Cyber Weapons Used by Lazarus Group's Andariel Cluster

North Korean Hackers Exploit Zero-Day Bug to Target Cybersecurity Researchers


Outlook Hack: Microsoft Reveals How a Crash Dump Led to a Major Security Breach

Dark Reading reports:
Realism Reigns on AI at Black Hat and DEF CON 

More Programming

The Register has:
From browser brat to backend boss: Will WASM win the web wars?

Kinsta shows us:
Use Volumes to Manage Persistent Data With Docker Compose 

Jason Knight has:
What I Mean By Using HTML And CSS Properly — Part 1 of 3

Using HTML And CSS Properly — Part 2 of 3 — Example Site Markup

Kavii says:
You Don't Need to "Learn" Svelte
if you already know JavaScript.

Percona has a:
Quick Guide to SQL Joins


The Fediverse Report publishes:
Last Week in the Fediverse: Episode 33/ 

Mashable asks and answers:
What is the Fediverse? 

Codeberg shares Fediverse Developer Resources:
A curated list of resources for ActivityPub developers who create software for the Fediverse.

There's an:
Unofficial kbin Guide

Erland explores:
Group Convergence 

Torque Mag examines:
Mastodon and WordPress 

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