My First Post

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This is my first blog post ever. Hopefully, I come up with a better post next time.

Hello World! I am Revanth Reddy, a final year Comp. Science undergrad from National Institute of Technology Durgapur.

Long back, probably in my first year of college, I was introduced to Git and GitHub. It is really cool and interesting. And the curiosity led me to obtain my GitHub Student Education Pack. Using it I got my first domain http://revanth.tech/ . I learned React and using my React knowledge and sources from GitHub I developed my PortFolio and hosted it using GitHub pages and linked it to my domain.

GitHub Education pack is really cool with many benefits for students. It helped me in learning Cloud services like AWS, Azure. I even told my friends and helped them in obtaining educational packs!

In case if you don't have a pack then get one now! https://education.github.com/pack

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