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Anonymously Non-IT Provlem Sharing Community

I Just thought to share another community which is not for engineers or programmers or IT geeks question like, but it's for normal human being where they can share their problem anonymously and get help.

Since, We all know, Everyone in this world has one or other provlem in their life, and sometimes some provlem brings disaster in people's life.

People do not share much of their provlem with other people,

  1. Assuming how would people judge them afterwards or
  2. Sometime, they feel shy about sharing their provlem,
  3. Sometime, they don't find right person to share their provlem who can understand their feeling,
  4. There are certain situation, where people have shared their provlem and has back fired them more.

Reasons are countless and it just never ends....

There is enough of stories from life issues, business problem, help beyond own skills, suicide, depression, failure, parenting issues, teenage issues, relationship problem, unemployment to bully or sometimes even getting dominated by bad people in school, college, work, politician, personal life and many. is a crowd sourcing consultancy community built for the purpose of solving similar problem by sending signal for all good reason to share to our community and get advice.
With increasing population and competition - Situation is more worst than you can even think of.

What are your thoughts for such community? I am following this site since hackernews time.

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