Customize Your VS Code Icon

David Neal on October 27, 2017

(Or any application icon, for that matter.) The orange Visual Studio Code icon seemed to rub a lot of people the wrong way. So much so, Microsoft ... [Read Full]
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This is the most amazing thing I've ever seen


They should open plugin API, so everybody will be able to donate their own weird icons!
Having weird icons cannot be controlled by corporation!
We need freedom of creating weird icons!


@david Neal I'm not sure you realize what you started here. You just created a need, a need to customize our favorite IDE/text editor with wacky icons. You better be prepared to satisfy that need with a constant stream of wacky icons from now on.


I am ready and willing to accommodate all wacky shenanigans.


This is so ridiculous. Why is everyone so upset about the icon change? It doesn't change at all how good the editor is!


Some people really, really care about logos and icons. Every time there is some company or team changing their logo, there is somebody in the comment section arguing about its bad design, bad color combination, etc.


It didn’t bother me much, but some folks sure had strong opinions about it!


This is OK if you want to look at the different icon on your pinned taskbar without opening the app. As soon as you load VSCode, its internal icon takes over and the custom icon is gone :-(


Dig the orange myself but was definitely curious as to the reasoning behind the change.

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