How a single line of code changed my life

Ricardo Funk on August 12, 2017

It was 2012 and my career was going nowhere. That day a co-worker, Otto Lombardo, showed me a single line of code that changed my life for ever, ... [Read Full]
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That was really awesome. I remembered my days, somewhere in 2004 when I had just searched online, how can you code a computer(I was like 15 years old, with dial-up connection). so then I heard of C programming language. Then I searched more and started learning C programming. It was really fascinating for me that I could create something that make the computer do for me. I still remember the printf statement which just prints what I want when I run the program. From that day, it changed my life's course itself. Today I am software developer at TomTom. It was really nice reading your post.


Thanks Amrut. My only regret is not discovering software development earlier!


Hi, as you said "would spend all night writing my websites in Notepad" at ~16y.o, with dBase (database) knowledge before (10y.o). I think those were great starting point for software development.
I don't know why a-Delphi-hello-work become "Eureka" ten year later...

I guess I just didn't know how to move forward from making websites, I did make some money but I just didn't know how to translate that into a career. Also, about dBase, I was kid, different times (Around 1995), so it was more of learning stuff just for fun, but nonetheless, it's a great point you making.


I learned developing software also as a lateral recruit, but I didn't sacrifice so many hours ... for what? If this is the American Dream I don't want it. If refuse a life where work is the only important thing. Developing software is a real cool job and I love it, but I cannot imagine becoming old continuing to develop software my entire life. There is so much more.

Beside of this, I regard programming only a tool, a means to an end.


I was begining porograming on vcax8800.120 mb of ram when Bill Gates worked on 64 kb..I did evrything whith vector graphics whith gks..Bill Gates is buisnissman..Young people belive that is new computer technology is somthing revolutionary...nothing reviluthionary in 40 years except javascript...


your story really is great man. simple yet deep.
and that quote by Jobs you put there, it's still swirling in my mind.

"What you call 'life' was created by people no smarter than you..."

So deep and profound. WOW


You're programmer really awesome, I remembered a single line of HTML changes my life. I found HTML book accidentally in trash bin but I don't have a computer, I went borrow a computer from my friend for one night, I didn't sleep for a night. that is amazing when I saw HTML is rendered in IE it's very interesting and then I start research about programming languages I start to wonder how people create awesome things like this.


That's an amazing story. I'm pretty sure that moment you saw HTML rendering in IE was magical.


Something similar happened to me. When I was a child, I used to play with my cousins The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time in an old Nintendo 64. We are from México, so in those times buying videogames was difficult so we replayed that game a lot. My dad was a Network Engineer, he is very passionate about tech so we always have talks abouts networks, engines, and so on. I think that, the combination of those two things: my dad's passion for engineering and my discovery of videogames and computers , made me took the decision of becoming a developer. Now a days I study Computer Science, and I can tell you something: that was the best decision in my life.


At some point I felt like reading about myself, but at some point I felt I'm going in the wrong direction.
It was first mIRC (not so much the chatting), then I made some servers, networks, I was also writing some html codes in Notepad, then some flash in Dreamweaver, very exciting stuff for me... But then I felt I'm going too much into it, I was sleeping on the keyboard, forgot to speak with people, I felt like I was not living in the outside world... maybe I sound weird, but that's what I felt at that point.
Sometimes I feel sorry that I didn't continued with programming - I had the passion... But I guess it was all because of the surrounding.
Then I got into Photography and it was a great passion. It was like escaping the virtual world and going back to the real one. Now I'm also into Graphic Design - again with computers, but some kind of balancing it all...
I know I may sound stupid, but when I read your story I feel very close to it.
It's a great story after all and congrats on your achievements!
Good luck and have a great inspiration! Cheers


Hey Kiril, your story sounds very much like mine. I also do love photography but only as a hobbie


I now understand the epidemic of bad usage of the word "engineer" in the USA. Most countries in Europe don't allow you to call yourself engineer unless you hold an engineer's degree.
Cool story though :)


i love your post and i want to be a software developer, can you help me?


Oliver, find resources online, I learned coding from youtube and just working on a project, something that I needed. Find that side project, that something that you need and start working on it. Go to the library, get books, read technical blogs, take free online courses.


Dont know how i got here, but thank god i did. Amazing to read your story, and i do personally believe that sometimes life bugs you and makes you question your previous decisions and that you should be brave enough to accept the reality and take risks.


Inspiring story!!! Looking forward to getting better at development and telling my story too


I just published a follow-up article related to this one:

Welcome to my journey. In the next few paragraphs I will try to pinpoint the precise moments that made me a technology lover, a computer repair technician, a network engineer and a software developer. Basically, the moments in my life that made me who I am today.



Ricardo, thanks a lot for sharing your experience with us! I would like to one day met you personally.


Such cool story!!!!! When I was kid & student, I had a lot of passion like you. I could spend nights. But now, it's different, i lost my way. How can I get passion & motivation again?


Hey Gereltod, thanks for your message. We all been there, we have our highs and lows. Find whatever it is that you love and push forward, if you feel that you lost your passion make sure is not an outside variable that affected you, like your current job or people around you. What I do to re-gain my passion if I feel like I'm loosing it is to find a project, something that I would love to use and start working on it.


your story inspired me , I liked your move what you have made to become a creator not a worker . My goal is also to become a iOS Developer. I need more tips and guidance .


We all learn in different ways, what work for me is trying to find a project, something that I actually needed and everyday work on it. Find an app that you need and start coding!


What a great story! Your determination and passion is being rewarded! There will be something great next for you.


Nice Ricardo.
The creation process in software development is amazing.
Greetings from Argentina.


wow this is amazing and encouraging. I jux started development, it hasn't been easy but i know i will get there. Thanks for the motivation.


Ojalá todos consigamos un trabajo que nos apasione tanto! Condenado al éxito :)


I really like to read story like this and that's what drive my energy toward Programming ...


It is really amazing! I'm so glad to read your history, but I got a question, that actually it is an issue that I'd been stuck into. What it if you'd become an expert Delphi developer? training professionals, always getting new projects to do, been requested all the time, and you know how to develop in other languages too but not so far as you went with Delphi, and at the same time watching Delphi getting updated day by day, but getting far away from the others languages, I mean the massive development,
and watching all your friends getting into other languages like C#, Java and etc, because they are popular so.
what do you'd do? I mean, cuz you can be creative with Delphi, but also you fell alone as long you go at GitHub, StackOverflow and etc. What do you'd do?


Really inspiring! Be crazy in one thing and you will achieve it for sure!


wow that is so interesting. Your words really motivated me and i really want to follow your footsteps


It was really usefull blog for me becausei I am very beginner in front and developer so this topic is really motivated me, Thank you!


Your history made me "Nostalgic". In 1994/95 same things happened to me :) Simple but great writing Ricardo :)


It's impressing, amazing and a challenge to me, i have always dreamt of being different and doing something that others can not do, really am inspired of your success story


Everyday you have to work at it, it's an endless fight (this thing called life).


wow...ur story is so inspiring and motivating...i'm challenged..thanks alot


Great story. It reminded me about my start with computers. I love to build things, teach and make things happen in the software industry. Good luck!


u make my day)
wish you good luck and inspiration for your coding)


Hey, when you said the following lines: "See, there is a secret, are you ready? Anyone can do it!", did you really mean it?
I felt so happy reading it.


Yes! I give you my word that I really meant it. I'm always trying new things, I know it's hard, I know you feel down sometimes and want to quit, I know it seems the world is against you when you are trying to accomplish something, but if you keep fighting, at the end it's all worth it.


This is so inspiring, and never regret when you found out your talent, things happen at the perfect timing: your timing. And also it's never too late to learn anything you want to do! Good luck!


I wonder what'd you recommend me for improving my developer skills. I'm just knew at all of this. What kind of practices do you recommend or what else did help you that isn't shared in dev blogs.


Amazing inspiration history, congrats for your history, it motivated me to keep following my goals, thank you. Cheers from Brazil :)


Great story! It's good to read content from people who love what they do. Saludos desde Buenos Aires!


Just enough to me the phrase saying "When you enjoy what you do, you don’t look at the clock and think "I want to go home'".

I am really interesting in such kind


This story is all I needed today, hopefully I will reference it as the moment my life changed.
Genuinely, thank you <3


Great article and uplifting for someone who is just starting out his development career.

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