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I think many languages have become better because of other languages.

It would be entirely possible that some mainstream languages would have been worse or evolving at a slower pace if the ones on the fringe or at least less mainstream wouldn't have been there.

But that's the beauty of it. I don't have an answer but I just wonder sometimes how many times we'll rewrite "now.to_iso_8601()" and in how many languages :D

I picked up Golang recently and I loved it but I don't think it will ever become my "swiss army knife".

I'm circling, from afar, around Dart 2 because Flutter finally made me interested in mobile development but I don't have time right now so I'll wait for Flutter 1.0 :-D

I agree with what you said about the breadth of the Amazon's offer but I think that too much choice (if you sum AWS + Google Cloud + Azure) can make decisions hard sometimes.

At least it's creating a ton of articles in the style "this technology vs that technology" :-D


As far as the reimplementation goes, I'm just glad that a lot of these hardcore necessary features (eg. the iso conversion) is based on a spec which should, theoretically, make it much easier to convert. You're not reinventing the wheel, you're just building it from another material...if that makes sense.

The AWS dashboard is absolutely overwhelming and I do feel like unless you spend time researching and learning the tech, it can be nearly impossible to make a right decision and decipher what all of it means. Like Cognito. I had no idea what it was until our company started getting into authentication providers. Or what's the difference between RDS and Aurora? Etc. It's A LOT.

And yeah, on top of that, all these cloud providers call these features by completely different names.

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