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Evolution of MERN Stack

MERN Stack

The MERN Stack is the javascript that is increasing more faster than any stack ever. This stack has a group of technologies that one takes its role and they are very important in their tasks.


There are 4 Different technologies in the stack which are MongoDB, Express, React and Node.

React is a front-end Javascript library that is moving fast to the end line of developer's hearts, It was developed by Facebook. It came to existence in 2011 by a software engineer called Jordan Walke. At that time, The React crew and Facebook decided to make it an opensource in May 2013 at the JSConf US.

In 2015 at the JSConf, They announced the React Native that helps to develop mobile apps on different Operating Systems such as Android and IOS.

MongoDB is a NoSQL database that is fast in performance and it is also bringing more applications to life, and it very reliable.

Express is also a library that works on the Backend and it is also becoming more popular.

Nodejs is the technology that holds the Backend and it works well with Express.

In my opinion, I would advise everyone who wants to go far with javascript, they could go with the MERN Stack because it is awesome.

                                    -- Happy Coding --

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