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How to Build Video Chat App for Android, iOS & Web Apps? (Zero Coding)

A video chat fits into every possible purpose and a lot more to do with real-time communication

From grandparents wanting to connect with their grandchildren, and meetings that have to be held up through conferencing video calls, video chat apps like Skype are at its forefront of the video calling revolution. It’s quite indigestible that the fact behind Skype’s market value, it worths $8.5 billion.

So, now you are wondering what would it take to build video chat app? And holding you are late to the video chat app industry where the market is crowded with giants like Google Hangouts, Skype and much more. Apparently not a problem! Yet you have everything to deal with these questions “how to build video chat app for android/iOS?” or “how to build your own video chat app?”

Before getting into the process of developing a video chat app that reaps your revenue in millions, let’s be clear with its purpose and how you can sort out its application for your business objectives.

The Importance of Video Chat App Across Businesses

Build Videoconferencing App

Video Conferencing: This helps the organization to enhance employee productivity. Employees tend to get involved in making email conversation which creates slow work pace, multi-party video conferencing app can easily initiate one-to-one or collaboration between employees in a real-time.

Online Retailer: Many of the e-commerce websites demands in providing the solutions/answers to the queries by the customers, in order to increase the brand performance, sales can be enhanced and the loyalty of the brand through guiding customers.

Enterprise Platform: It is found that an average of about 45% rise in team efficiency is achieved through the collaboration tools. The enterprise’s engagement can also be boosted through the implementation of social platforms and collaboration of one-to-one video calls.

Apart from these use cases, there is a huge variety of application involved such as Sales-Product Troubleshooting, Live video technical support and much more.

Getting back to the loop, the development of a video chat app for every application requires insightful technical knowledge and experience in technical background. There are some experienced chat app providers who have the potentiality to create video chat in Android/iOS and also able to develop chat functionalities with enriched features.

Introducing MirrorFly — A Real-time Chat App Solution

MirrorFly is a self-hosted chat solution to build video chat app on android/iOS armed with ideal features. The chat solution is inbuilt with WebRTC signaling where making high-quality video/audio calls to any user at any time is made simple. MirrorFly offers One-time-Payment option to make video/audio calls to “N” number of users regardless of the cost/minute usage.

The Technologies Used in MirrorFly to Create your own Video Chat App

When it comes to multimedia communication, both the video and audio calls depends on the performance of the streaming media between the client servers. In order to create a video chat app, MirrorFly uses WebRTC signaling where the transmission of media content between the client servers takes place in a real-time. It’s much essential to understand the VoIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) technologies. The VoIP technologies enable some crucial process:

1.Signaling — Peer-to-peer connection
2.STUN Server — Local IP Address
3.TURN Server — Mediator

WebRTC video calling

The overall processing is carried to obtain the IP address where the signaling web sockets setups the client connection between the servers. And the IP address is acquired by the use of STUN server through the use of NAT (Network Address Translation) and also to provide a peer-to-peer connection. Hence the entire process to make a video chat app is explained here (WebRTC video voice chat application) in a detailed view.

Built-in WebRTC Signaling for Real-time Audio/Video Calls

MirrorFly uses WebRTC API that allows audio and video communication to work into the web pages through direct peer-to-peer communication by removing the usage of installing Plugins or downloading of applications. MirrorFly uses three WebRTC APIs where audio/video call can be carried without any pay-per-usage terms.

1.MediaStream: This allows you to acquire the access over the screen, camera and microphone to transmit data within HTTP connected devices to ensure security.

2.RTC PeerConnection: The technology encodes and transcodes the entire media and voice/video content that has sent to the remote server.

3.RTC DataChannel: This assist in creating peer connection between two users to send data/content under a secure layer and also in a real-time functioning.

Apart from the technologies that have been used, there hold some crucial steps to be processed in building WebRTC enabled video chat app with MirrorFly.

Crucial Steps to Build Video Chat App with MirrorFly

UI/UX Design:
1.MirrorFly considers this as one of the major processes in gaining the engagement towards your video chat app.

2.The UX must be intuitive and high in user experience where the user shouldn’t spend a lot of time in understanding the set menus and features.

3.As a part of UI, a captivating design to be developed that illustrates the purpose of the app and pulls the interest of the users regardless of the device and platform.

Reliable Backend-development:

1.As the initial part of the process, MirrorFly takes part in analyzing your demands to create a complete customizable backend-solution.

2.From the setting up of server, deployment, and cloud-storage, MirrorFly’s techies understand every functionality in order to build your highly-advanced backend infrastructure.
Video Calling App

WebRTC Integration on Web & Mobile Application:

1.The deployment of real-time communication over iOS and Android chat apps is possible through the integration of WebRTC.
2.MirrorFly ensures to determine the platforms whether to create a video chat app on iOS or Android and the usage of Swift language is seen more comfortable than the usage of Objective-C in order to create iOS-based video chat app.
3.When it comes to Android-based application, Contus Fly uses Android SDK and other languages to build android video chat app with Javascript.

Quality Assurance:
1.Mirrorfly’s QA engineers make sure every code performs its own functionality in delivering peer-to-peer connection.
2.In case of any bugs in the video chat app, our engineers work with technical tactics and use the tools to fix the issues in a more efficient way.
3.MirrorFly makes integration simple, and you can hire a professional development team to handle integration and maintenance, while hosting on your own infrastructure.

Features That Enriches your Video Chat App’s Performance

1.One-to-one Audio/Video Calling: Make persistent HD video/audio calls to any user at any time to share information in a real-time to avoid the consumption of cost and time in a more efficient way.

2.Group Calling: Mirrorfly’s webRTC enabled group video chat app provides you the possibility to make multiple video conferencing for a modest number of 3–5 group callers in an HD pixel video chat.

group calling

  1. End-to-end Encryption: Mirrorfly’s multi-user video chat app ensure to provide a solid protection to the video/audio conversation taking place within HTTP servers.

  2. Screen/desktop Sharing: Specially designed for hosting online presentations and conferences for an effectual performance in the business.

  3. Custom Filters & Animations: Adding extra mileage to your video chat app engagement by allowing users to add effects, custom doodles, and instant animations while video chatting.

More than Building a Video Chat App, How can you Monetize it?

The ultimate purpose of every video chat app is to generate more profit than concerning with the other chat functionalities. Contus Fly provides a great number of modern monetization methods to uphill your revenue map.

Build Video call App

1.Advertising: The more productive way to generate money through the integration of brand advertising on video chat app to create interaction between users and brand which ultimately leads to triggering maximum profit to your video chat app.

2.Premium Stickers: Usage of branded premium stickers where users will find it more engaging and will turn the content into a more amazing one. Allowing users to pay for the stickers in order to chat with other users.

3.Paid Voice Calls: Making calls over the internet is possible whereas making calls to any wired line across the globe requires the paid version. Through this feature, you can generate a maximum number of profits.

So Finally, How much does it cost to build a Video Chat App?

As this is always going to be a serious discussion, the deployment of video/audio features is quite big-budget on comparing with some SaaS-based audio/video chat app providers. Some communication platforms in the market provide built-in WebRTC feature as Pay-as-you-go with an average of $0.0015/min per participant. This will lead consume quite a huge amount of money. But when it comes to MirrorFly’s built-in WebRTC, the cost to make calls over the internet is One-Time Payment following to the number of users regardless of the minutes.


It’s quite promising that video chatting apps are reshaping the way of real-time communication of Entertainment and Businesses. So, the entire market of video chat app providers is split-up into major platforms and solutions. Due to this separation, the quality of developing a video chat app is changed depends on the chat app providers. Now, you have to be much clear in understanding your business demands, adding features/functionalities and majorly WebRTC implementation with cost-effective options in order to partner with the right solution provider.

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